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Saturday, 22 February 2014

** A piece of thought

assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera, selamat malam, selamat semuanya, welcome home, goodbye and 
i lebiuols. 
erk, intro macam hambar

oke, ayat wajib syiera bile update pos baru -.- lame dh tak update. 
serba serbi sedikit info what going on is Alhamdulillah thank you Allah, my fourth semester already start and its had been a week. 

macam sekejap je kan mase and dlm tempoh tu jugak how much blog yg aku dh build up. tau? i think its about three ke fourth. sobsobs.
and its hurt sbb kne buat blog byk kali but as my passion nak writing tu tinggi gua gagah jugak laa nak edit segala hias blog.

and sebab tu jugak bile dpt task mini psm request dr supervisor suro buat website aku rse nak terkencing. oke tipu sgt. agak penat dan menguji ketabahan keimanan in build up website. so, will be reevaluate beriban kalinye. done cite tu.

so, straight to the main point.

" semakin dewasa entah kenape sunyi menghimpit diri, selalu rase ouh everything need to be done by your own. everyone cant do it for you laa. like you are baby dulu dulu. and you know what one of the reason that is Allah want to give you the best preparation for your to feel alone bile tibe mase ajal dijemput. takde sape nak teman kat dalam liang lahad tu kan. "

*telan air liur*

true indeed? setuju?

and tu lh ape yg aku terfikirkan. and it also teach us that
do not rely much at people because they are also rely on others.
so, put your trust on Allah, have your faith.

bile selidik, renung balik dari kita lahir memang survive sensorg, then berjaye in the competition of many sperms, come to earth, living by family, and everyone growing up and become more clear of your own path life. 

then life will be cycle, being teenagers, getting married. that is the time you are surrounded back with many people but then your children grow up and leaving you and you become lonely again and when the times come you are prepared much to be alone in your grave.

peh, agak seram post kali ini. but, dont worry. 
Allah dh bg tips siap siap nak hadap alam kubur tu mcm mne. so lets take the precaution steps.

lastly, point penting kat sini.
janganlh sedih kalo rse mcm sunyi sensorg tu adalah life lesson. perhaps.
waktu tu pon bole muhasabah diri and just keep the positive thinking that everything happens with a reason and there will something good behind it.

Remember, Allah is always with us. 
May Allah ease and bless every breath we take.
inshaAllah. aamiin.

salam kasih, salam sayang. 
salam ukhuwah. 


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